Manual build configuration for new app (expert mode)

Description of the feature request

I would love a small check box that I can check to put app creation into expert mode where no special project configuration inference step is performed.

This checkbox would make the jump right away to the Project Build Configuration step which would enable me to enter all the configuration values manually.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I’m creating two to three apps a month (roughly). Each time, I loose 5 to 7 minutes for two validation steps. The first usually isn’t able to correctly infer project kind and second is needed for unknown reason to me.

With this, I would simply save all the time it takes for a build to happen and would let me choose manually the configuration for the projects. Simple as that, a I know what I'm doing kind of option.

I agree, this shaves me maybe around 30m a month. Not a big deal, but nevertheless, an irritant in my life when I create new app on Bitrise :slight_smile:

Definitely makes sense - thanks for the #feature-request @mvachon ! :slight_smile: