Logging in a custom step


I’ve written a (trivial bash script) step to upload a binary to a server (Diawi) and return the URL as an ENV variable.

I’ve had a feature request to also log the url to the build logs. What’s the best practice for this - just use echo?

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Hi @deanWombourne,

First of all thanks for the Step! :wink:

Re: logging: steps are standard “scripts”, so e.g. if you write your step in Bash then you can log just like in any Bash script (usually with echo). There’s nothing special required for logging in steps :slight_smile:

Pretty much the only special thing is if you want to share/expose environment variables from the step so that the env var will be accessible in subsequent steps (http://devcenter.bitrise.io/tips-and-tricks/expose-environment-variable/). Other than that these are normal scripts :slight_smile:

If you have any questions let us know! :wink: