Log Buffer overflow

when testing my app the test randomly fails.

the problem is that I can’t check the error message because the only thing the log has it’s:

[!!!] (Temporary) Log Buffer Overflow - Ignoring log chunk(s). Please check what generates so much log in such a short time.

How can I get the real error and fix the issue.




Is this an Xcode build?

yes, it’s running xcodebuild clean test

I’d suggest to switch to our Xcode Test step and add a Deploy to Bitrise.io step, as described here Xcode exit code 65 / exit code 66 / raw-xcodebuild-output.log

There are other solutions, but this way you get a nicely formatted log in your Bitrise log, and if you need it you can still access the raw log (attached to the build as an artifact).