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We would like to use bitrise because we create a customized app for each of our client and we would like a way to make the process simple. For the moment we have 200 clients.

We have a core product and we change images and some configuration files and then we would publish the customized app. I suppose that it would be possible to do so, if it is possible for us to first be able to download the configuration files and the images ; and then copy the images and the configuration files and later build the app.

In, it explains that it’s possible to run shell commands if it exists. So I’m wondering if it’s possible (for example with curl and sed). In this case, is there any limitation on the bandwidth ?

I would appreciate if you could tell me if it’s possible and if you could point me to some links.

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Sure, it’s definitely possible, but the exact commands depend on your project. No bandwidth limit right now.

I’d suggest you to check this guide:

it helps a lot in iterating on the config rapidly right on your own Mac!

If you’d have any questions just let us know! :wink:

Thank you !

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Any time :wink: