Jira integration that allows to change the ticket status

Description of the feature request

I’d like to have a Jira integration that under certain circumstances will change a ticket status

Use case / for what or how I would use it

For example when the build succeeds and I’d like to move it to Pending QA or when the build fails I’d like to move it to the Ready for Development…

Hint for anyone who want to implement such feature: this can be done by invoking transition using JIRA API.
There was even an issue filled about this functionality in another step: How to update a nested field using "Update JIRA issues field" step


Added the #contrib-this-feature tag as this feature can be implemented / contributed by anyone (docs: Create your own Step)

Anything new about this?
It would be so awesome to have this out of the box.
Trigger a build when a JIRA issue is moved to QA or Done lane - lovely!
And of course trigger the build from the feature branch that the JIRA issue was linked to :wink:

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@godreikrisztian it seems that this feature is now available via jira-issue-status-update step