GitHub Comment [step]

Post a comment on the GitHub Pull Request with a message

When a build completes, we have a slack step to post us the public download page URL (and some other information about the build).

For other PR systems we have internally, we have this information posted to GitHub.

I see there is a plugin for the commit status, but I think that’s a bit different to this.


(obviously, the message would not be EXACTLY like this :wink: )

This also ties in with my other suggestion for BrowserStack integration – the GH comment would contain a link to build a testing simulator with the built IPA file.

Have you looked at Danger? That works with bitrise and comments on PRs.

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Thanks for the feature request, @njt1982!

Yes, @bootstraponline is correct, Danger would be the best choice for this. You can check this blogpost for full details:

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Ah, that looks handy!

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@njt1982 just an update: I added the #contrib-this-feature and added [step] postfix to your #feature-request as this feature seems to be best fit to be implemented in a Step, which can be created by anyone.

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