Issues with iTunes Connect Deployment


Hello, I’m not sure what we’re doing wrong but we cannot seem to get iTunes deployment to work.

Attempt 1

  • We specified iTunes email + password via secrets
  • Build failed with a “We are unable to create an authentication session.”

Attempt 2

  • Assuming the above was caused by 2FA issues, we created a one-time password in the iTunes account page.
  • Added that in the workflow step
  • Specified a “itunescon_user” env variable, and made sure the checkbox was on for “replace variable for input”
  • Build failed with a “Input error: no itunescon_user provided”.

How do we get past this? Also we have connected the Apple Developer account in our Account settings, so no issues there.



Hi @rpmobile! Can you please include some URLs to these builds you mention? That would allow us to check out the logs and some additional data about the builds.



Thanks for the response. I had to manually edit the build script. For some reason, it had a blank value for itunescon_user.


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