Issue building iOS project with multiple targets on Xcode Archive & Export for iOS v2.8.6


We have noticed that our builds are failing on the Xcode Archive & Export for iOS v2.8.6 step with the following error message:

Failed to read project platform: /Users/vagrant/git/<Path to Project>.xcworkspace: failed to get target (<Target>) build settings: xcodebuild “-project” “/Users/vagrant/git/.xcodeproj” “-target” “<Target>” “-configuration” “Release” “-showBuildSettings” failed: exit status 74

We have been able to get around this build error by setting the version back to 2.7.2
I’m not sure if this is relevant, but we also have multiple schemes and targets for this app.

Xcode and OS Version

Xcode 11.7.x, on macOS 10.15.6 (Catalina)

Hi there!

Please include an URL to a build and enable Support User access in the Settings for us.


Actually it looks like the issue has resolved itself after switching to Xcode 12.0 and the latest Xcode Archive step but thanks for the reply!

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