Is there a plugin (workflow step), which allows download apk from Appcenter

I have to run DetoxJS e2e tests on my application.
But tests are located separately from project.
How can i download apk from Appcenter to perform further tests on it?
Or how it’s better perform e2e testing when app sources and detox sources are located in different repos?

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I’m not aware of a plugin or a step to download an app from Appcenter. You could probably do so using a script. Is there a reason you wouldn’t run these test when building the app instead of after uploading to Appcenter?

Depending on the situation, you might also be able to use the API to retrieve a build artifact.Bitrise Swagger UI

If you need to pull the tests during the app build and they are in a private repo, you can do this. Please review:Apps with submodules or private repo dependencies - Bitrise Docs