Is pCloudy supporting Bitrise integration?

Hey everyone,

I’ve heard that pCloudy might be supporting bitrise now. Has anyone explored this integration yet? Would love to hear about your experiences and any insights you might have.

Thanks in advance!

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pCloudy Bitrise Plugin Integration
Yes,The pCloudy Bitrise Plugin establishes a seamless connection between the Bitrise platform and pCloudy. With this integration, users can effortlessly transfer apk files from Bitrise directly to the “My App Data” section on pCloudy. This eliminates the need to manually upload apk or ipa files from physical computer systems, as the plugin allows for direct installation of these files onto devices within the pCloudy platform.
Prerequisites for Integration:

  1. Registration on the pCloudy platform.
  2. An active account on Bitrise.

By meeting these prerequisites, users can streamline their app testing process, making it more efficient and integrated.
checkout their documentation for this seamless integration -

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