Is it possible to use mapping.txt from Gradle Runner in combination with virtual UI device testing?

The question is pretty much the topic.
I have a Gradle Runner that assemble and assembleAndroidTest and the output is used with the Virtual Device UI Test step in a multi-module project.
This is working currently but I suspect that $BITRISE_TEST_APK_PATH is set for only the last built module, correct?
So how would I proceed to take every built under build/src/something/androidTest and run an instrumentation test for it? Is that possible?
Kind regards

Hi @felixdoerschner! Can you maybe send us an example configuration so we know exactly what you’re working with? :slight_smile: You could, in theory, take the APK_PATH_LIST variable, provided you only generate debut versions for this build specifically. Depending on the test setup you have in mind this might not be possible though, since you can only launch one Firebase test during a single workflow.

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