Is it possible to share a custom script between multiple projects?

Hi - we have a few custom scripts that are being run on each of our projects. The custom scripts are the same for all the projects, but right now I’ve just copy-pasted the scripts around between our 4 projects, which from a developer perspective is cumbersome and I don’t want to do that if possible :wink:

Is there any way of sharing these custom scripts between our different projects?

Is this a script that you want to run as part of a workflow for multiple apps?

Couple of ideas spring to mind.

-Store the script in a separate repo and clone it in a script step in your build. The execute it. and then execute it.

-Store the script in Generic File Storage. You might even want to add a “dummy” app just for this purpose. Then your other builds could use the API to download it (using the “dummy” app slug and authorization)

-I don’t have experience doing this, but seems like you could share the script file across git repos.