Is it possible to run workflow conditionally based on trigger map?

Is it possible to conditionally run workflow based on Git tag value.
This schema will explain what I want to do:

                                                                             +-> run app1-android workflow on Ubuntu stack
                        +- contains: release-app1-* --> run workflow: app1 --+
                        |                                                    +-> run app1-ios workflow on MacOS stack
Git tag: release-* ---> +- contains: release-app2-* --> run workflow: app2
                        +- contains: release-app3-* --> run workflow: app3

Call workflow in another workflow seems to be run on the main workflow machine stack.
If see in documentation that Step can be conditionally call. Is it possible on workflow ?

This is my actual Jenkins pipeline:

stage("Build APP1") {
    when { tag "release-app1-*" }
    stages {
        stage("Build Android") {
            steps {
                sh ("fastlane android app1")
        stage("Build iOS") {
            steps {
                sh ("fastlane ios app1")

Can someone help me ?

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