Is it possible to limit builds for project

Description of the feature request

Currently we have a plan for 3 simultaneous builds under 1 organisation. Is there a way to limit 1 build for project so that 1 project has only one simulationus build. We need this case as some projects would ask for 3 builds when they are triggered from 3 different branches. And at the same time another project would ask for a build but it will have to queue as all the build slots are busy. Currently its not possible to optimize the build trigger for the projects.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

In the case I have 3 free slots when one project triggers the build 3 times it will keep 2 of its builds in the queue and if another project would ask for a build it can take 1 slot without having to abort the previous project builds and 1 slot will still be free.


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