Assign concurrencies by platform

Is it possible to establish that iOS jobs have 1 or 2 concurrent builds and Android have the others?

If we upgrade to, let’s say 5 concurrent jobs, I’d like to establish that only 3 of them are available for iOS builds and 2 for Android.

Is this possible?

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Hi there @fran.riadigos.flipsi :wave:

Thanks for your question!
We actually have a feature request regarding this, which you can change out here: Limit concurrency on specified (deploy) branches, or on project/app level (only allow X concurrency for app Y) - #16 by viktorbenei

Please make to vote to increase the demand for this feature and thus have it implemented sooner! :slight_smile:
Meanwhile you will also find possible workarounds for this situation in the linked thread :wink:

Well, that feature request is from early 2017…
Seems it’s not likely to be developed soon, right?

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Hey there @fran.riadigos.flipsi,

Although I can’t give you an exact ETA, I can tell you that this is something in the works! :wink:
In the meantime a possible workaround would be to have multiple Organizations, among which you can divide your concurrencies, as detailed in the thread :slight_smile:

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