Is it possible to ignore a step failing?

I am currently experiencing an issue that means I need to run the Xcode Archive step twice when building my React Native app. There is a bug in some of the third party libraries RN comes with, the workaround is to do a build, let it fail, clear the RN cache and then do another Archive.

The workaround works fine, but it means all my builds are marked as failed. Is it possible to ignore the failure from a specific step? Or is there another way I can get my builds to show as successful?


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Hi @joshjahans,

Just to clarify, your question is not actually about the steps failing themselves, you would like to intentionally fail a build but make it appear as suceeding, right?

@bitce yes, I’m expecting one step to fail. I’d like to mark the build as successful despite this

Thanks, unfortunately, there is no way to do this currently,

(For anyone wondering due to the confusing topic title, yes, you can mark steps as “skippable” so the step failure will be ignored.)

If this is a feature you’re in need of and you think other might find it useful as well, you should consider creating a #feature-request about it! :wink:

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