Is it possible to clone an app?

Is there any feature that would allow me to duplicate a pipeline (app) and add few extra steps to the copied version?
Basically I want to avoid setting up everything from scratch.

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Hi @app7dan,

Thanks for asking this here! :wink:


Just open your App’s Workflow Editor and switch to bitrise.yml mode. There you can see the whole config (except uploaded files & Secret Env Vars). You can download it as a bitrise.yml file and run it with the CLI on your Mac/PC (Bitrise CLI) or just copy paste the yml into another app.

Note: you can even edit the YML there, it’s a read-write editor for the YML. The other modes of the Workflow Editor are “just” a UI around the YML.

It would still be great to have a real “clone app” feature, which also clones secrets, certificates, etc …


Feel free to create a #feature-request for that @matthias.buchetics! :wink:

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That’s the feature also I really want to. :pray: