Clone the application


I want to clone the application for SAAS. While cloning the application, i want to change the app icon, name and color schemes. So it is possible from BitRise.

Hi @sathizmca :wave:

Sure, it’s definitely possible! I’d say it’s most likely easiest with a script:

  1. write a script where you can pass the parameters and it changes the things you want
  2. commit that script into your repository
  3. then run that script from the build, e.g. using the Script step and just ruby ./path/to/script.rb or similar.

If you’d have any questions just let us know! :slight_smile:

Can you suggest me an example of the script file and steps for that? I am new to bitrise

It’s not Bitrise related at all, you have to write that script, so that you can run it on your own Mac. Once you have that you can run that script on Bitrise :wink:

The script’s content depends on what you want to do, what files you want to change to what other file, how you want to modify those files etc.

Usually a good way to get started with this is:

  1. Do a clean git clone on your own Mac into a new directory
  2. Make sure that git status prints nothing to commit, working tree clean
  3. Then make the changes you want manually
  4. Then you can use git status and git diff to see which files were changed
  5. And automate those changes with a script, which you can run on your own Mac. I’d also suggest you to commit that script into the repository, so that you can run it anywhere, including on

If you’d have any questions just let us know! :wink: