iOS BETA Step in clean simulator or not?

I’ve a problem with the step “[BETA] iOS Device Testing” for my iOS Application.

First i’ll explain my app when she start.
When the user launch the app, he can’t clic on button “connect” or “create account”. If he is still connect to the app, this view is not on screen, and the app go in the home page.
It’s a normal start for an mobile app.

I’ll explain my problem. When i launch my UITests with the step “[BETA] iOS Device Testing” sometimes (1/3 times) the tests will fail. I go on the “device testing” part, on Bitrise, and i see, the app launch and go on the home page like there is an account connect to the app, but normaly it’s a clean simulator without datas…

I have search why there is the problem, but i have find him, my code app work perfectly, in Bitrise, i don’t use cache push step at the end.

I think, it’s not my app problem cause, sometimes it work perfectly. I have test with the step “XCode test for iOS” and i never have this problem, and for some reason, i have to use the step “[BETA] iOS Device Testing”.


PS: Sorry for my english :wink:

Hello there, well actually these tests are running on google firebase testlab on real devices :thinking:
and I would guess those are clean, I mean get back to factory preset after every test :thinking:

Yeah, I think the device are reset.

I ask to my developer and he think the keychain apple have some references… but if there are reset with factory preset, there is a problem with the step “[BETA] iOS Device Testing”, he get references and keep them, and the app try to launch with these references

this is from firebase:

"Device cleanup
Google takes the security of your app data very seriously. 
For the physical devices used by Test Lab, we follow industry-standard best 
practices to remove app data from those devices after every test run 
to ensure that they are ready to run new tests. For devices that we can flash
with a custom recovery image, we go one step further by flashing 
these devices between test runs.

For the virtual devices used by Test Lab, device instances are deleted 
after they are used so that each test run uses a new virtual device instance."

And you should note, that we are deleting out build machines every time, so nothing is getting up there, only your clean code and your test cases.

I know the devices are reset, i’m just reported a bug on the step “[BETA] iOS Device Testing”

The app should not be connected on an account at the start of the tests…
My iOS Dev think, the step “[BETA] iOS Device Testing” get some references for exemple the keychain. And this problem if present only with this step. The other step for tests the iOS app work perfectly, but i have to use the step “[BETA] iOS Device Testing”

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