iOS automatic provisioning does not use a profile with all devices included

Thanks @jordanekay for the infos! We’ll check why this might happen & fix it ASAP!

@pearsports this thread is about the step working (no error) but not updating the Prov Profiles when a new tester is added to it.

If the step fails for you please create an issue report at and we’ll check it ASAP! :slight_smile:

@jordanekay could you please write a message us on on-site-chat i would need to have a look on your build log.

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Actually, downgrading the step to 0.9.7 seems to fix this issue.

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Glad to hear @jordanekay! :slight_smile: That said, can you please ping us via the onsite chat, as requested by @godreikrisztian ( :point_up_2: iOS automatic provisioning does not use a profile with all devices included )? It’d help a lot, to fix it in the v1.0 and newer versions of the step! :wink:

I have the same issue as @jordanekay, it’s still a problem with 1.0.1 and I described it in more detail here: iOS Auto Provision v1.0.1

@viktorbenei @godreikrisztian If I can help you in any way to fix this problem, let me know. Keep using 0.9.7 isn’t a very future proof solution :slight_smile:

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Same issue here. Had to revert to 0.9.7 for it to pick up device changes in provisioning profiles.

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We’ll fix it ASAP, still discussing the details & debugging it a bit, but we believe we now have a reasonable solution idea for it. Will update you once the fix is available, until that please use v0.9.7 of the step.

Any news here?

Does it still happen with the latest v1.0.2 version? @matthias.buchetics

Sorry, haven’t tested the latest version because the changelog hasn’t mentioned anything in that regard. Should it be fixed? How is the behavior in 1.0.2?

I’m not 100% sure but I believe the v0.x behaviour was restored with a fallback to the new v1.x behaviour which caused the non updating issue but is necessary in some cases when the v0.x behaviour resulted in an error while the v1.x one could generate the files just fine.

We can wait for @godreikrisztian to confirm whether that change was implemented in 1.0.2 at the end, but that might take some time as he’s on vacation right now.

If you have some time @matthias.buchetics please try the new version and let me know whether it’s fixed or I should bump the priority of this issue!

As far as I can tell, 1.0.2 behaves just like 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 in that regard. It checks if the devices are registered on the developer portal (they are), does not re-create a provisioning profile (0.9.7 does) and uses a Xcode managed profile (iOS Team Provisioning Profile) which in my case only has one device included.

Build using 0.9.7: (28 devices included in the provisioning profile)
Build using 1.0.2: (1 device included, the one that I use when developing with Xcode but none of our other test devices)

@viktorbenei @godreikrisztian in some other project, I couldn’t get 1.0.2 to work at all. see this build:
Auto provisioning step is sucessful but Export & Archive fails due to missing provisioning profile.
Going back to 0.9.7 fixes it.

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Talked with @godreikrisztian : indeed this change was not part of the previous update(s), but the good news is that the related PR is under review, once accepted the new update will include it. This should happen today, but can’t promise it :slight_smile:

@viktorbenei I just ran into this problem again. We added a new test device on Bitrise which was already added to the Apple developer portal. The “ios-auto-provision” step tells me that all devices are already registered on the developer portal, so there is nothing to do.
“generate_profiles” is set to yes but no new provisioning profile is created, the one that is downloaded does not include the newly added test device …

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Do you know which version of the step was the last one to work? I just hit the same problem.
Edit: Apparently due to an issue with Fastlane, versions before 1.2.3 don’t work anymore

Can you contact us on our on-site chat or in an separate issue thread about the case please? :slight_smile:

Hello, has this been updated? We have added a new tester to our Bitrise project, and Auto Provisioning is now failing because the device isn’t attached to the provisioning profile. I am working with a client so I can’t go into the Apple Developer portal, is there a workaround?

Hello there, are you using the latest release of the step? it was fixed nearly a month ago :upside_down_face:

Yes I am running the latest release. After adding a new device I’m getting:

Missing devices:
Profile (XC: com.bose.*) distribution type: inhouse, should be: limited
Profile (XC Development WC) distribution type: inhouse, should be: limited
Profile (XC: *) distribution type: inhouse, should be: limited
Profile (iOS Team Provisioning Profile: *) does not contain every required services
Failed to find development Xcode managed provisioning profile for bundle id: com.[redacted].

Everything used to work great prior to adding a new tester with a new device.

I have opened up a full issue here: iOS AutoProvision does not work for Provisioning Profile that requires Push Notifications capability