iOS auto provision invalid #udid# value for deviceNumber issue

My workflow was running perfectly until i got this error of Error: An invalid value 'udid' was provided for the parameter 'deviceNumber'. which is really weird because i don’t have any problem in my devices ID and i used the same in the worflow for a long time … and i am using Ios Auto provision step addons ??
any help please it is urgent because we are in prod step

Thanks for your help

Hi @salih.guc!

The error seems to signify that someone on the team of the app registered a test device with the name “udid” - which is not an actual ID to a device. The step fails trying to register this incorrect value for you.

You can see the list of registered devices and who registered them at the bottom of your “Team” tab.

In the future if you are in need of urgent help, please contact Support directly, and please make sure to include a build URL or something we can start investigating!

Hi @bitce
As I check the registered device list, I cannot see the incorrect one. Thus, it was impossible to delete it. And then I check the users with their registered devices, I have seen it on there. And delete the user at all :slight_smile:
My main concern is why I cannot see the incorrect deviceId in the list of registered devices at the first place.

You should be able to check this in the place I mentioned! The team tab allows you to download a json file that contains every registered device to the app.

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