Install-missing-android-tools@2.1.1 (exit code: 1)

install-missing-android-tools@2.1.1 (exit code: 1) using Bitrise

Hi @selvakumar1994,

Please fill out the build issues report, otherwise we don’t have enough information to help you. Exit Code: 1 means that the step failed, but without the logs and other infos requested in the template we can’t tell more, other than that it failed.

So, please create a new report in #issues:build-issues and please fill out the requested infos - after that we can help you quickly & efficiently! :slight_smile:

By template I mean that if you go to the #issues:build-issues category and you click New Topic there you’ll get a template like:

So please:

  1. Go to the #issues:build-issues category (e.g. by clicking this link)
  2. Then click the New Topic button there

Sorry for the inconvenience

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