Increase the number of Generic File Storage files allowed


Can the limit of just 5 files allowed per project in the Generic File Storage to be increased? I have a number of FAKE scripts that I use to build versions of my app for different clients and for different environments (stage, prod). This can add up to a number of config files per project.

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Thanks for the feature request!

A workaround / solution in the meantime:

  • ZIP up your scripts/files
  • upload the ZIP into the Generic File Storage on
  • download & unzip the ZIP with the ZIP resource archive downloader step
    • you can specify the target dir where the files should be uncompressed with the step’s Extract path option

This should work quite well if you want to place your files into the same directory, and of course you can upload multiple ZIPs, or upload some files without compressing them, and the rest as a ZIP.



Thanks, but the workaround is a bit clunky. I have a number of workflows per project that all need an individual file so currently I’m limited to 5 workflows per project. I could probably find a work around using App Env Vars and passing those into the FAKE build file as parameters. But using a separate build file for each workflow is easier to manage.



I definitely agree with you, and we’re considering increasing the limit. Of course if this feature request gets some votes that definitely helps to bump this :wink:

Quick question: how do you manage these files locally? Do you store them in a separate repository?



I’m running into this problem too, and would looove to have the limit increased. Right now it limits my number of workflows in a project and I have to create new projects (with the overhead that it involves) instead of just adding new workflows and files to the existing project.



This is nuts, Why ONLY 5? HAS to be increased.

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Please increase the limit, why is it set to this arbitrary number?



Please, increase the amount of files. We can’t use file storage for app signing because of this limitation. Also could be great to have numbers of ANDROID KEYSTORE FILE.