Hybrid - Create new variables with public url to each platform

Hi guys,
I would that you adding parameters to variable BITRISE_PUBLIC_INSTALL_PAGE_URL_MAP, because showing the 2 links of deploy in the same time is less util to use for other things, for example, to use qr code for each platform.


Hi @ippMobile,

What other parameters would you like there? Do you have some examples?

I want only the parameter for get the public link of each platform in hybrids apps. To tell to you de truth, I said wrong before, the variable BITRISE_PUBLIC_INSTALL_PAGE_URL_MAP should be a function that receive parameters as a platform or the public url could be unique and you only pass de parameter platform at url.



i believe that other people have requested about the install page recognize what platform is accessing, but while this not happen, this solution would be enough.

I think what you described can be done by using multiple Deploy to Bitrise.io steps, e.g. one for IPA and one for the APK, optionally leveraging the output alias feature, see: Public install page URLs for multiple apps

Let me know if that’s not a solution for your use case!