How to turn off Remote build caching 30-day free trial

I have accidentally clicked the Get started in 2 minutes button for Bitrise Remote build caching option under performance tab in build log screen. This enabled the 30-day trial for our organisation account.


  1. What will happen at the end of 30-day trial?
  2. How do I opt out of the 30-day trial?

Hi @Sathriyan_IDPal

The only thing is that you’ll no longer have access to build cache. It’s a 30 days no-strings-attached trial, so there’s no automatic charging or anything like that. When you start the trial you have access to build cache for 30 days; if it expires you lose access to it, but that’s all.

If you’re not ready to test build cache yet (though if you can I’d suggest you to do as it can drastically speed up your builds :slight_smile: ) you don’t have to do anything right now. The only slightly negative result is that you won’t be able to activate a new trial yourself in the future if you’d want to explore build cache (you can only activate a self-serve trial once) - but you can contact us and we’ll start a new trial for you.

Thanks for the explanation @viktorbenei. I really appreciate it.

Bitrise has changed the way we build and distribute apps. We would love to try the cache feature in the near future, but not possible in the next 2 quarter as we completely booked.

Will contact the support if anything we need.


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Makes sense. Whenever you’re ready just let us know and we will reactivate a trial for you.