How to Run Bitrise Dashboard locally using CLI

Hi @viktorbenei

Do we have plugin available to run Bitrise dashboard locally using CLI ?

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Hi @vivek12585,

What do you mean by running the dashboard locally? You mean to print it in the Terminal / Command Line?

Hi @viktorbenei

yes just like we are running workflow editor on local host

So it would open the dashboard in your web browser, not just print the dashboard right in the terminal?


correct !!

Got it :wink: No such feature right now.

I’m not sure what the advantage of this would be compared to you just opening
Or you mean showing local projects, projects which might not even be registered on ?

Hi @viktorbenei

Actually your assumption is correct, I want to show local projects

Makes sense. Unfortunately we don’t have a feature like that, but you’re free to develop one :wink:

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