How to run a selenium test on bitrse?

I need to run a selenium test on bitrse.I have two files,one is class file and other Java file on my repo.

Hi @saurav_91,

Thanks for asking this here! :wink:

How do you run it locally, on your Mac/PC?

In general you can install & use any tool you would in your Terminal/Command line - related docs:

no,on ubuntu 16.04

Please consult the Selenium docs / forums to figure out how you can run it locally.

Once you can run it locally in your Terminal/Command Line it’s simple to set it up on bitrise (e.g. by using a Script / following the docs, and of course we’re happy to help. But first you have to be able to run it locally, in your Terminal / Command Line.

I am now able to run the selenium test using docker image selenium.standalone-chrome.I have ran a sample ruby selenium test successfully.

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I’m really glad to hear that @saurav.bora!

If you have some time, can you please share a link or some tips here? It’d definitely help others in the future :wink:

I need to know how to run slenium test on bitrise

Hy, well you will need to install a headless chrome instance on the VM and run the test as if you would do locally, just make sure it runs in the background and you pipe the output in a file. :upside_down_face: