How to define triggers for a forked repository?

My company repository is companyabc/awesomeapp
My forked repo is iameric/awesomeapp
The procedure we follow is that we push to our own repo and then raise a pull request against the company’s one.

The app in Bitrise is companyabc/awesomeapp cos it’s under a paid account.
All the triggers so far have been defined as:
from: *
to: companymainbranch

So now I have a new branch in my repo iameric/awesomeapp/espresso-tests.
How do I define a trigger for pull requests iameric/awesomeapp/espresso-tests vs. companyabc/awesomeapp/companymainbranch?
from: what should goes here? e.g. iameric/awesomeapp/espresso-tests or iameric:espresso-tests
to: companymainbranch
Also, will Bitrise be smart enough to build “iameric/awesomeapp/espresso-tests to companymainbranch” only instead of “* to companymainbranch”?

Duplicate of Building forked projects

Closing it here, if you’d have any questions feel free to ask there @eric-grab! :slight_smile: