How to consume App Store Connect Integration on Fastlane upload_to_testflight on iOS apps?

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I’m trying to deploy my apps from Bitrise using upload_to_tesftlight, a feature from Fastlane.

To use this lane, it’s required to pass an api key to the lane. When I was using Fastlane locally, I configured some environment variables to make the deploy, but integrating this lane with Bitrise it’s being a real challenge, since I didn’t find any material of how can I expose this key to the lane.

    skip_submission: true,
    api_key: {{MISSING_KEY}},
    skip_waiting_for_build_processing: true

I integrated and exposed the App Store Connect API Integration to the workflow, but I wasn’t able to find how can I reference this key to the current lane.

Is there anyone that already solved this problem?

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