How do I call an executable from my GitHub repository as part of my Bitrise workflow?


I have a workflow in Bitrise that builds my iOS application based on source code in GitHub.

After that workflow is complete, I would like to run a set of tests. For this, I need to call an executable file that is stored in my GitHub repository. This executable sends requests to my test automation tool (eggplant) to remotely start my tests.

Example way to call from the command line:
./Runner -v test https://server.ip password1 TestSet

I have yet to see which kind of step I can do this in? I presumed I could just add an extra step to the workflow, like in Azure DevOps but this is not the case.

How can I do this?


Hello there @Pkeysight :wave:

Could you elaborate a bit on why the step needs to be after the workflow is complete? Sounds like a script step inside your workflow should be able to execute your request :slight_smile:

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