How can I get an app_slug?

I’m testing a bitrise CLI.
But, on step of the amazon-s3-deploy, error occur.
The error message is “Missing required input: app_slug”.
How can I get “app_slug” and “build_slug” value?


In local you can set those e.g. as Secrets, or just set them as env vars before running the bitrise CLI / bitrise run ...

If you’d have any questions just let us know! :slight_smile:

Thank you.

I know where is env vars.

But I wanna know these value’s mean and where is these value in local.

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In local you don’t have those values, as these are related to builds running on
That said, this step doesn’t depend on the actual values, so you can just set them to anything you like :wink:

On ( the app_slug ($BITRISE_APP_URL) is the ID of the project on, something like b92xxxxxxxxxxa46 which is always the same for every build of that project/app, while the build_slug ($BITRISE_BUILD_SLUG) is a similar alpha-numerical ID which is unique for every build in the system.

The step itself uses these to ensure the uploaded URL is organized but also unique.

That said you can of course use the same values every time, but in that case the uploaded ipa will overwrite the previously uploaded one. If you specify a new build_slug every time then you can get a history of IPAs, the uploaded IPAs will not overwrite each other.

Also worth to note that the actual URL is controlled by the path_in_bucket option of the step, which by default is set to bitrise_$BITRISE_APP_SLUG/${BITRISE_BUILD_TRIGGER_TIMESTAMP}_build_${BITRISE_BUILD_SLUG} (, that’s why these (app slug and build slug) are required.

So, in short, feel free to set them to anything if you’re not running the build on, there’s no dependency to the step is just configured this way for convenience for those who run it on :slight_smile:

If you’d have any questions just let me know! :wink:

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Thank you for explanation.

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Any time :wink: