HockeyApp Integration -- Unable to paste API Key

I’m trying to setup HockeyApp integration for bitrise. I’ve added the integration to the workflow but when I get to adding the API Key I’m unable to paste the API key into the step. I’ve tried multiple browsers. When I click on the textfield to add the key it opens a custom key / value dialog and I’m unsure what I should name the key so that bitrise knows to use that key for HockeyApp.

Anyone know what the name value should be for the HockeyApp API Key?

You cannot paste HockeyApp API key because that field is sensitive. You have to use secret.
API key is the value. As a key you can type whatever you want (distinct from all other environment variable names), probably something like HOCKEYAPP_API_KEY.

Here is is related documentation on devcenter:


Excellent! Thanks Koral!

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