Unable to read Deploygate API key that is a step of bitrise



If you use the latest version of Deploygate which is one of the steps of bitrise, you can not read the API key because it is put in the secret environment variable. The previous version allowed you to use an API key, so it might be a bug



Hi @akishigejogo!

So this API key is something you have to request on DeployGate in order to authorize your submission from the build machines.

If you can not read your secret - it is very likely that you made it ‘Protected’. This option allows you to hide an added secret, so nobody can see the value. This secret still works when added to the step, and you can both add and remove secrets anytime.

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Hi @bitce

I checked the documentation. It was written. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will continue to use bitrise !!

thank you very much

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