GitHub checks / GitHub App

Description of the feature request


As github created new checks support, it could be cool to have them on bitrise

Hi @bernat,

Definitely! That said we’re still discussing what things we could show there.

Anyone who votes / supports this feature request, could you please share what you’d like to see there on the checks tab, or what the use case would be for you; how you’d use or benefit from this integration. We’re interested in all of your ideas! :wink:

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Danger is a great use case for Checks, however as Danger cannot easily be a Github App (a requirement for the Checks API:, then it falls on something else to be that app. If Bitrise had a Github App, and exposed the ability to consume the Checks API, then we could use our various Danger scripts which currently make comments on a PR instead put all of that information into the Checks Tab.

Things for us that we would like to see in the Checks Tab:

  • List of Workflows with summary output. If there was a failure, the failure / step reason. Steps broken down and time taken for each
  • Linting errors
  • Coverage reports for changed files (we do this via Danger currently)
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Fantastic, thanks for the details @petergoldsmithasoste, definitely makes sense! :slight_smile:

I think a checks could maybe be a good fit where you are using “Start build steps” today to get parallel builds. Each workflow could be a check that needs to pass instead of having one workflow just hang until all other flows are done.

Description of the feature request

Github allows the creation of apps that can manage permissions to GitHub repos in one contained place. Other CI services like Azure Pipelines and Travis CI provide apps to simply setup and management.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

  • simplifies the permissions setup and management by putting it all under a single app rather than managing deploy keys and Webhooks separately for each repo
  • removes the need to create machine users on GitHub to access multiple repos from a single build
  • removes the need to separately setup a Service credential User to get build status on pull requests

Hi @CraigSiemens,

Thanks for the #feature-request!

Bitrise is actually an OAuth Github app as we speak, but we do have similar plans for the near future :slight_smile: Although I’m not completely sure this would achieve everything you detail here, we’ll have to dig deeper into their documentation! :sweat_smile:

Thanks for looking into it.

As far as I can tell, the OAuth app is added to the user account that grated permission rather than to an organization. It’s also used for querying the GitHub API for repo info and adding a SSH key to each repo individually.

Other apps like Travis and Azure are able to clone repos without having to add a SSH key to each one. This makes is easier to clone multiple repos in a single workflow. My use case is to build a private repo that has a private dependency.

We are unable to authorize bitrise to access our github org because it would give it too wide of access to all our repos when only it needs access to a few. A github app would allow us to target access to specific repos while not exposing all the others. An app would be great to improve security and liability when it comes to access github repos. Thanks!

Bitrise really should be listed in the GitHub Marketplace for mobile CI because we would like to use Bitrise for the Github CI check on PRs.


Hey there! A few of our customers over here at GitHub would love to see a Bitrise GitHub App in the marketplace so they can easily access their code on through the Bitrise service. :+1:

We have the same issue with allowing Bitrise oauth app access to our org @mcmurrym-pluralsight. We ended up using the open source Probot framework to create our own Github App that sits in between Github and Bitrise and acts as an orchestration layer. It was a bit of setup work but ultimately the security and usability tradeoff was worth it for us.

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Hahh, that’s quite an interesting workaround, thanks for sharing @cconstable! :wink:

This feature seems to be available:

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