Git fetch single branch

I want our build to only fetch a single branch. It appears to be fetching all of them. Is there any way to limit it to only the branch we want to build?

Hi @ctaggart,

I guess you mean build only a single branch automatically.

For that please see:

In short, in the Workflow Editor you can set what should trigger a build (Trigger tab) and which workflow should be used. Simply remove the Pull Request one if you don’t want that and change the Push one from the default * to the one you want to build eg master. You can add multiple patterns too, so if you’d want to add a second one you can do that there, and you can use * as a wildcard, eg feature/* will build all branches which start with feature/, eg feature/xyx.

If you’d have any questions just let us know! :wink:

Or if you meant to actually optimize fetching done in the Git Clone step (i think i tried to answer too quickly at morning and probably misunderstood what you meant): feel free to create a #feature-request or send a PR (! :slight_smile:

Feature request is at Feature: git fetch single branch

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Thanks - created an internal card for it as well :wink:

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