Git configuration Username + Email Preference...?

I have a very small question: When setting the GIT configuration on the Bitrise build machine, is it preferred to use real credentials or a fabricated credentials?

We had previously not performed this and ended up with this fabricated user:
J. Doe (Setting your Git credentials on build machines | Bitrise DevCenter)

To be honest, I had planned on fabricating another fake user, but I wanted to get some additional input, in case this would be ill-advised for whatever reason.


git config --global "" 
git config --global "My User Name"

Hello michaelr_tradesy, when it comes to wanting to push commits to your own repo from Bitrise while running your build, you do have to set your own credentials, the username can be fabricated as you were wanting to do, however it is advised that the email you set matches the one registered to your git hosting service. Hope this information is useful. Should you need anything else please let us know

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