Get destination branch from bitbucket webhook


I use bitbucket webhook to start my builds. I can see more information when when i check the request which sends by bitbucket. Is there anyway to access and get some data like destination branch, pull request id from bitbucket’s request?

Thank you!

Hi @selcukkizilkaya!

If I understand you correctly, you are looking to receive more information from the requests you receive from Bitbucket. That is up to Bitbucket mostly :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe you could do that by formatting the HTTP response of the requests, please check out Bitbuckets example guide and list of available Event Payloads.

I hope this helps, let us know how it goes!


Thanks for your answer!

The thing is we use bitbucket on demand. So i have no chance to add new parameters to the webhook. I need basic informations like base branch or pr url which already in the outgoing hook request. What i want to know is, is there anyway to reach bitbucket request from Bitrise.

Hey again!

Oh I see what you mean. You could extract this information through environment variables!
These are what seem to be mostly of importance to you:

But here you can find a complete list of environment variables available.

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