Get access to the current build log in a script step


I need some information about previous build steps in a certain script step. My idea is to parse the build log and extract the information I’m interested in. Will the build log be stored on filesystem and is it available in a Go script?

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Hi @stefan.hennig,

Thanks for asking this here! :slight_smile:

No, right now it’s not. Plugins can access it to some extent, but that’s also “work in progress” right now, and it’s probably not what you want (plugins are quite a bit different compared to steps).

I’d suggest you to create a #feature-request for this, that way others can vote on it and bump its priority, as well as we can publish related updates when we can start to work on the feature.

If you create a #feature-request please share as much info as you can, e.g. what kind of infos you’d need and for what. Every detail can help us to properly plan the details/spec of the feature!

Hi @viktorbenei! Thanks for your immediate reply. I did what you suggested and created a #feature-request: Get access to current build log from within a script step


Awesome, thank you @stefan.hennig! :slight_smile:

I’ll close this thread here, comment and vote at: Get access to current build log from within a script step