Generating calabash-android and calabash-iOS html report

So calabash is generating a nice html report when the tests pass or fail, with the addition of a few simple commands (–format ‘Calabash::Formatters::Html’ --out index.html).
I would like to see it integrated to calabash step, just like it happens with Junit tests, and also to get automatically attached to the build.



So the request is for the Calabash steps, to add the HTML format flag?

Other than that, this should be possible with if I understand correctly what you want to do - correct me if I missed something, and thank you for the #feature-requests ! :wink:

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The request is to add parameters in the run command for the report to be generated, then, get the generated .html report and deploy it.

as it is now it just executes the run command:
Running calabash-android test…
$ bundle “exec” “calabash-android” “run” “/bitrise/deploy/app-beta-debug.apk”

should be more like this
Running calabash-android test…
$ bundle “exec” “calabash-android” “run” “/bitrise/deploy/app-beta-debug.apk” “–format’Calabash::Formatters::Html’” “–out index.html”

In order to deploy should be this solution:


Makes sense, thank you for the details!

@godreikrisztian can you please have a look and schedule this?


Hi @viktorbenei,

Could we have an update on this please?


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It’s assigned to @godreikrisztian, but he’s off today - I’ll bump this to the top of his task list, so he’ll start with this on Monday most likely.

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Thanks very much! :slight_smile:

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Any news please?

AFAIK @godreikrisztian did not have enough time for this, but will start with it on Monday!

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Hi @lararufflecoles,

we released a new version (1.2.0) of Calabash Android UI test step.

The step got a new input: additional_options - Additional options for calabash-android run call.

You can use this input to specify --format and any other flags you want.

The step will be available in the steplib in ~20mins.

The iOS version is coming soon.


Calabash iOS UI test step’s new version (1.3.0) also got additional_options input.

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Hi @godreikrisztian,

Thanks so much! We are testing this now for both repos. :-).


Looks like all is working for Android, yay! :smile:

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I guess we can close this #feature-request then, if not, just let us know!

Please could you hold off for now, just waiting to hear from the iOS team.

Sure, removed the auto close for now.

Hi there,

We tried using the “Additional options for cucumber call”, encountered below error -

Running cucumber test…
$ bundle “exec” “cucumber” “–format” “html” “–out” “/Users/vagrant/deploy/calabash-android_report.html”

cucumber failed, error: exit status 1
| |
| x | calabash-ios-uitest (exit code: 1) | 504 sec |
| Issue tracker: … |
| Source: |

We are struggling to find out what “exit code: 1” really means, can you please investigate this issue and let us know of we are doing something wrong here.


Hi @sowmyahebbar,

when the --output flag is set, cucumber does not print the log to the stdout, instead it writes to the specified output file.

Your output file should be in the BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR (/Users/vagrant/deploy/). If you have deploy-to-bitrise-io step after the calabash-ios step, the log file should be attached to your build and you can check it on your build’s page on

I scheduled to print the log file’s content, if cucumber fails.

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Hey @sowmyahebbar! :wave:t2:

The new release of this step now prints error messages even if --out flag passed to the command. :wink::tada: You can update your calabash-ios-uitest to the latest, and now you will see the error. :+1:t2:

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@sowmyahebbar did you try the latest version (see the two comments above)? Did you still have an issue with it, or can we close this #feature-request ?