Generate-changelog step generates empty

The problem is the following:
I have a build that was triggered by a git tag creation, let’s say it’s 1.1.2. Right after that, I decided to create another tag 1.1.3, but this last build caused by git tag 1.1.3 creation has failed because of the empty generated by the “Generate changelog” step and “Upload to Bitrise Step” can’t handle empty

So, I have the following list of files to deploy

  • /Users/vagrant/deploy/
  • /Users/vagrant/deploy/app-release.apk
  • /Users/vagrant/deploy/app.aab

app.aab and app-release.apk uploaded successfully, but had 0b size, so the whole step has failed and the build as well

I’m using the env var $BITRISE_CHANGELOG generated by this step for a slack message.

generate-changelog 0.9.0
deploy-to-bitrise-io 1.9.1

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