Generate Changelog gathering all commits even when there are tags

We’ve been using the Generate Changelog on a new project for a while, today we hit an issue when trying to upload to firebase app distribution as the changelog was too large.

The app is not released to the wild yet so we’ve had no need to tag. So after reading the description on the generate changelog step I decided to tag the repository to stop such a long changelog being generated. However it still gets ALL the commits since the initial commit. I’ve also added another commit and tagged after that but still it’s getting everything.

So I have…

  1. lots of commit since initial commit (mostly done via a PR… we don’t commit directly to main)
  2. a tag on our main branch
  3. 1 more commit to our main branch (that was via a PR)
  4. a second tag on our main branch. still contains all commits from the initial commit.

How is this supposed to work, am I missing something?

Figured it out.

In my clone step I wasn’t fetching the tags.

##### Should the Step fetch tags?

yes - fetch all tags from the remote by adding `--tags` flag to git fetch calls
no - disable automatic tag following by adding `--no-tags` flag to git fetch calls

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