Flutter on multiple platforms


Description of the feature request

I would like to build flutter apps for all supported platforms (web, desktop, and mobile)

Use case / for what or how I would use it

With flutter for the desktop in Alpha and web in Beta, does or will Bitrise support compiling and deploying for these platforms? I want to start working on a long term project where I will be deploying to all platforms, and want to find a CICD solution that will grow with me.



I am not sure, if Bitrise Supports Flutter for Desktop or Web, but you can always ask for them for Example: on the App Creation Page, if the Automatic Config Fails.

I guess they can Support Desktops Apps as they already Natively support MacOS Apps

Hope I helped



Hi! At this time the Flutter Build step only supports iOS and Android. If enough interest is shown desktop and web may be added down the road, but Bitrise is primarily focused on mobile CI/CD.

With that said we do offer the Script step. Since all the Flutter tools are already on the stack you could easily use this to trigger builds for mobile and web. As long as you move the outputs into the $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR then the Deploy to Bitrise.io step will add them to the Apps & Artifacts tab.