Firebase dSYM Upload step doesn't work

The Firebase dSYM Upload step won’t work if the app was previously linked from Fabric to Firebase Crashlytics. The dSYM files are still missing in Fabric after successful BitRise builds. No issues are reported by the step when building.

In the new Firebase dSYM uploading instructions it says:

Important: If you’re working with an app that you previously linked from Fabric to Firebase Crashlytics, pass in your Fabric API Key to run the upload symbols script. That is, in the following options to run the script, use -a fabric-api-key instead of -gsp path/to/GoogleService-Info.plist .

But there is no way the Fabric API key could be added to the workflow step.

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Hi @moodagent,

Thank you for sending this over.

I have reached out to the tooling team about this and will follow-up as soon as I hear back from them.

Please don’t hesitate to follow-up if you have any questions or updates in the meantime.


Hi @moodagent,

This is a community created step, not one that is maintained by the tooling team. Please add an issue on the repo or send in a pull request on

Thanks and happy to answer any other questions.

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Firebase is disabling the manual upload by March 1st. Can the support to upload dsym using fabric api key be done before that ?

If you’re using BitCode, the dsyms uploaded from your build on Bitrise are virtually worthless and you need to download the ones provided by AppStoreConnect.

Do you know of a nice way of automating that action?

fastlane refresh_dsyms

it downloads them from iTunes connect, and uploads them to Crashlytics.

Keep in mind though, this needs to be done after processing.

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