File writing tests fail in BitRise and pass locally

Hi I have a set of library function that run their tests fine locally but fail on the BitRise build with the following error

error: The operation couldn’t be completed. (NinjaUtilities.StringFileWriterError error 0.) encountered while writting to url: file:///Users/vagrant/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/EB1FD757-DB90-4959-802C-78A15000AAC8/data/Library/Application%20Support/

The tests themselves report success but the test step exits with a status of 1 and an xcode report of 65 thus failing the build.


Can you please try:

Hi Viktor, Thanks, I’ve tried the above

Can you please share a bit more about the project?

  • Which stack do you use?
  • Is your project a native iOS/Android one, or a Xamarin, Ionic/Cordova, ReacNative, … one?
  • Which step generates this error?


It is the test step, we were using xcode 8.1 sierra stack, am now tring xcode 8.2 sierra and its a native iOS project.

I am wondering wether the fact that we test for assertion handling is somehow escaping the test suite.

What is puzzling is the success of all the tests (according to the reporting at least) and then the step failure.

Xcode does this usually when the test crashes before the test app could load / before it could start the first test of that test suite (e.g. if the app crashes during the starting of the app).

sure, the puzzling thing is this is not the case that we can see

What is “NinjaUtilities”? Is that your own code, or a 3rd party library?

Our own code. The test is expected to throw the above assertion. It does. It passes. Locally ! We never see this error locally.

Can you please send us the whole build log in email / through the onsite chat?

which one ?
your or our local one?

both would be the best, but the failing build’s log/url if I have to choose between the two :stuck_out_tongue:

ok let me find it…

ah I’m not allowed to send the log via this chat, invalid file type. So I will change the extension name to jpg

how can I email/send the log ? I cannot upload it


thanks, I seem to be making progress in getting it to fail locally now, I suspect some threading issues to be at play…

Let us know if we can help with anything!