File in Generic File Storage Unavailable in Decrypt File Step

I uploaded an encrypted file to Generic File Storage and am trying to use the env variable for the file in the “Decrypt file” step, but the step is failing with an error of:

Could not create config: failed to parse config:

- InputFilePath: [REDACTED]: file does not exist

I verified that the env variable is correct. I also searched the forum and found this issue (Url of generic file storage (from code signing tab) is empty during build (again)), but I have “Expose for Pull Requests” toggled on.

I’m just getting started with Bitrise, so I may be missing something obvious?


What exactly did you provide as the value to the Decrypt File step input variable? Did you specify the ENV VAR from when you uploaded the file to Generic File Storage?

The env var is a URL to the file. The step needs the path to the file. You will need to use the value from the env var to download the file and then use the path to the local file for the Decrypt File step. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use the File Downloader step.

For more info on downloading files that have been uploaded to Generic File Storage, please see:

Good luck!

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