Few questions from a Unity dev thinking about using Bitrise for iOS development

Considering that i do not own a mac and that Unity on Windows will create an Xcode project when targeting iOS.

  1. Can I build to my iOS testdevice using only my windows machine and bitrise?

  2. Can I publish my iOS game to the app store and release it using only my windows machine and bitrise?
    2b. If so am I breaking Apples EULA in any way?


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Hey @Blurblarblor :wave:t2:

    1. The answer is yes, as far as you won’t need to change anything in your Xcode project, however it is well known that unity-exported xcode projects almost always requires adding frameworks (depends on which plugins you’ll use) or setting -ObjC flag, or maybe turning off bitcode. If you can manage to change these manually, there won’t be any problem at all. The deployed app can be tested via TestFlight on an iOS device.
    1. With bitrise you can deploy to the AppStore using your own provisioning profile, and developer account. So release can be an option, and it won’t break Apple’s EULA at all.

For creating dev profile you’ll need a Mac, if you can’t borrow from someone, there are many renting services out there, I would use one of them to rent a Mac remote desktop for couple of hours.

Hope this helps! :wink:

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