Error: server error: 404 Not Found, response: channel_not_found when using multiple users

  • Channel: @user1, @user2, @user3, @user4

All of them exist on my slack group, but I’m not sure if we need to do something different for sending individuals messages to these users, without having to create a channel, which is something we have already, but we would like to move away from that approach, any suggestions?

Hi @rafael-labela!

If you are trying to message a channel, I think the name you provide should be identical to what you see on Slack, in this scenario, the channel names don’t actually contain the @ pre-fix.

A fairly easy solution would be to give the channel a name :sweat_smile:

Tx for your reply, we are actually using a channel, and it works ok, but the question was more about sending individuals messages to multiple users, without actually having to create a channel for that.

Ah sorry, got confused by the wording :slight_smile: Are you using an API token to accomplish this? I personally don’t have one available at the moment, but note that webhooks can only be created for specific channels so this can’t be done with them

I do have the token, and I’m able to send PMs to different (but just one :frowning: at the time so far ) users, also tx for the suggestion, fixed the wording

I see, have you tried separating the usernames with spaces simply instead of commas? :thinking:

I haven’t but I will try on Monday, y not?

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