Encryption of our secrets


I have a question about the encryption of the secrets that are configured in a build. For instance, say that I configure a passwords in the secrets tab. Can your engineers see it, or is it encrypted in a way that only the build pipeline can use it?



Hi @s.pennec,

Only those engineers who have access to the production servers, which is a very limited list. And even for us (I’m one of those who can access it) we need a really good reason to do so as well as we have protocols of how it can happen.

I hope this answers your question, if it would not or if you’d have any other question just let us know! :wink:

Thanks a lot for your answer!

I am working for a bank, so those things are pretty sensitive.

I’ve sent an email to letsconnect@yourhost recently with some other questions, if you could take a look at it, it would be great :slight_smile:

All the best,


We definitely do/did :wink:

I’ll set a two week auto-close for this issue here, but feel free to contact our support with private questions, they’ll respond as soon as possible! :slight_smile:

Great! It’s a security questionnaire that my it-security team requires any outside partner to fill… I haven’t received an answer it, but it would be great if you could fill it. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about it.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Did you send an email to letsconnect@bitrise.io ? Just highlight that it’s urgent, should be propagated to the right person ASAP!

Yes, I sent it to this email. It was sent on April 26th, and I’ve sent a little reminder about it on Mai 2nd…

Can you find it? Or do you want me to send it again?

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Just to be sure, we did reply in the meantime right? I don’t see any unanswered questionnaire thread in our support system, all are “in progress”.

I’ve got a message from Péter, the questions are being discussed as we speak. Thanks a lot for taking the time to follow this!

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Glad to hear! :slight_smile:

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