Encountered error "Bad credentials" in step "Carthage"



I have a iOS project which needs Carthage for dependency management. To avoid Github rate limit issues, I generated a personal access token from Github. The token has no selected scope of access(like access commit status), since I did not find any document stating that the token need any of the scopes.I store the access token in the secret page as GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN

When I started the workflow, I saw errors about “Bad credentials” in step “Carthage”, e.g:

** Skipped downloading AFNetworking.framework binary due to the error:**
** “Bad credentials”**

Any idea how to fix this? Do I have to grant any of those scope of access when creating the access token?


Hi @GordonWong

Can you please send us a build URL about the issue?


@bitce I faced the same issue. Here’s build url: https://app.bitrise.io/build/2ba96c50ce3e65cc


Hy there!

well, the only thing I can think of is that the github access token is not valid.:confused:


Hi all,

To verify if Github provided me a valid token, I created a new access token on Github, tried to use it in my Macbook, and it worked fine. It could solve the API rate limit issue of Carthage on my Macbook. However, I used the same token for the step “Carthage” and it failed.


Hi @GordonWong!

The step has been updated in the while in order to resolve this issue, are you still experiencing it on the latest version of the step?


Restarted the workflow with the latest version of the Carthage step (3.1.7) and it solved this issue. Thanks for the reminder!


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