Enable both Instrumentation and Robo test within the same workflow/build

Description of the feature request

Currently, Instrumentation and Robo test are exclusive, so you can not run them both in the same workflow execution.

It would be really useful if they both could coexist, as they cover different test use cases that I’m sure a lot of users would like to check within the same pipeline.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I would like to be able to run a build (with just one workflow) that performs, for example, the following steps:

  • Build
  • Lint
  • Unit test
  • Instrumentation test (for functional testing)
  • Robo test (for stability testing)
  • App deployment

If you are talking about tests on VDT, such feature request is already created. Allow multiple android VDT step invocations

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Thanks for the post, @jgironda!
And yes, I can only second what has been said :slight_smile:
Thanks for the contribution, @koral!

You are right, thanks for the reference (just upvoted it).

@Roland-Bak should we close this request?